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The new dock is an AirPlay speaker that streams audio from iPods, iPhones, iPads, and computers.

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What more can I say about this fantastic and unique offering in a package.A dream device for placement in small rooms and an easy to use, fun source for recreational listening.The Marantz AV7702 Surround Sound Processor In Use The Marantz AV7702 generally sounded good.Audyssey is pleased to announce that Jaguar Cars is the first auto manufacturer to introduce a car tuned with the industry defining Audyssey MultEQ XT technology.

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This latest speaker from Audyssey is a wireless AirPlay music system featuring Audyssey Smart Speaker technology for rich and balanced sound.The Audyssey Music Player and LouderLogic are iOS audio players that offer different ways to enhance your music.

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But I read everywhere that Audyssey room correction is far superior to the competition (like YPAO which I have),and that XT32 is that much better than plain Audyssey. e.g.Ultimate audio performance within the listening area starts with the loudspeakers and the room.It turns out this was not necessary because the MultEQ was unable to reduce ringing even at the same place it was calibrated for.

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There was a lot of detail in the mid frequencies that the Audyssey was obscuring.

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The Audyssey Audio Dock Air generates big sound from a tiny box that is both generous in bass and mid-range detail.So, I ran Audyssey on them, and to say that it transformed these speakers is an understatement.

Strip out the AV gubbins and the SR7012 would make a very fine stereo amplifier.Audio credentials are enhanced by 32-bit DACs and decoding for any format from humble MP3 right up to DSD and other flavours of hi-res.

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As you can see in Figure 1 at left, the main improvement is a 6 dB reduction of the lowest.

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Audyssey is a household name when it comes to professional audio.

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View full Audyssey Audio Dock South of Market Edition specs on CNET.

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Audyssey MultEQ is an automated room correction and speaker setup solution that provides size and configuration detection, time alignment, room equalization, and other audio enhancements.Audyssey Magazine is the oldest gaming magazine for people interested in games that are accessible to people who are blind.


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